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So many of our young people are apathetic to the gospel. How do we help engage them? Ruth Jackson speaks about how we can use digital media to reach young people


There are a number of apologetics websites and books that you may find helpful for interacting both with Christian young people within your youth group and also with those outside. 

Here are some books which you, as youth workers, may find helpful:

Meet Generation Z: Understanding and reaching the new post-christian world by James Emery White. This book lays out some characteristics of the emerging generation and helps readers rethink evangelistic and apologetic methods in light of this.

Apologetics For A New Generation by Sean McDowell (General Editor)

Sticky Faith, Youthworker Edition by Dr Kara E Powell, Brad M Griffin and Dr Cheryl A Craford

You Lost Me and UnChristian both by David Kinnaman

The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism by Tim Keller. This book addresses the frequent doubts that non-believers bring to religion.

Tactics by Greg Koukl is a helpful guide to communicating the gospel message to others, particularly by using questions.

Here are some big questions that you might want to use with young people who have specific objections to the Christian faith:

For more, click here.

Here are some adaptable meeting guides from Premier Youth and Children's Work magazine that you may find helpful. They are predominantly aimed at a Christian youth group so you may need to tweak them for use in another context:

Here are some ready-to-use discussion starters that you may find helpful. Again, they are predominantly aimed at a Christian youth group so you may want to edit accordingly:

Here are some suggested resources for use in schools’ work:

You may find Premier Youth and Children's Work magazine’s music and movie resources helpful when engaging your young people with some of life’s big questions:

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