Meeting aim: To discover that Daniel and his friends embraced the enforced change but never forgot who... More

Background: This story is full of imagery about evangelism and discipleship, and has so much potential... More

Meeting aim: To think about what God gives us. More

Background: The parable of the pearl is tiny in terms of words, but still offers a wealth of themes to... More

Meeting aim: To explore how precious the kingdom of heaven is. More

Background The story of Jonah is about more than getting stuck inside a big fish! Here are some crafts... More

Meeting aim To explore something of the holiness of God and our reaction to that. More

The World Cup is almost upon us, so why not play some footie inspired games? If your group isn’t into... More

The story of Jesus calling the fishermen to follow him and become fishers of people is rich in imagery... More

Meeting aim:To explore what it means to follow Jesus. More