Background Christmas inspires a whole range of craft and construction ideas, but these activities should help you dig a little deeper into the story with children and help them meet with God through the... More

Meeting aim: To celebrate together God’s most special gift for all the people: his Son, Jesus. More

Background: The story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace has strong themes of faith, strength, protection, determination and worship.... More

Meeting aim: To discover that Daniel and his friends embraced the enforced change but never forgot who... More

Background: This story is full of imagery about evangelism and discipleship, and has so much potential... More

Background: The parable of the pearl is tiny in terms of words, but still offers a wealth of themes to... More

Meeting aim: To explore how precious the kingdom of heaven is. More

Background The story of Jonah is about more than getting stuck inside a big fish! Here are some crafts... More

Meeting aim To explore something of the holiness of God and our reaction to that. More