Jamie vs. Toy: Saggo the Sorgenfresser

‘Saggo’ is a ‘Sorgenfresser’ (no prizes for guessing its country of origin) which means ‘worry eater,’ (or so I’m told, my German is sketchy at best) ... 

Look at the picture of this thing. Look at it. It’s daft, weird and slightly frightening, right? But somehow, it has also become our office pet. In essence it’s a cuddly creature with a zip-up mouth for children to deposit notes with a picture or words expressing their worries in. Apparently the ‘worry eater’ will, well, eat their worries – obviously. So on the one hand, this is a cute friendly way for small children to engage with and express their worries. On the other hand, nowhere in the instructions (written in German) does it suggest that children should talk to parents or other appropriate adults rather than simply put their worries into an inanimate object in order to deal with them.

We did have a brainwave here in the office though. Why not use your Saggo creatively in your children’s ministry? Children can share their prayer needs and write them down (or you could do the latter for them if they’re little). Deposit them into your friendly Sorgenfresser and then, next time you meet the children, unzip and give them a chance to talk about which prayers have been answered.

From £22.

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