Jamie vs. Bean vs. Bean

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A video of beans wrestling each other, voiced by Tim Vine...

Sometimes we get emails into Childrenswork HQ that scream ‘Jamie needs to be all over this’. This was one of them. Bean Wrestle Mania is a ten-minute video, available on YouTube, that retells the story of David and Goliath using beans. And wresting. And roller coasters.

There are three things that videos like this need to do: they need to get across the Bible story, they need to be funny and interesting enough to keep kids interested, and (in the spirit of obvious inspiration VeggieTales) it needs to have enough smart jokes to keep the adults entertained.

So does it work? It doesn’t stick strictly to the biblical narrative. It stars beans rather than humans, and much of the nuance and context of the original story is lost – as a way to tell the story it’s fine, as a way to explore the ‘meaning’ of it, it needs more explanation.

But the video passes the other two tests with flying colours. A story of vegetables competing for the bean wrestling championship is odd enough to instantly engage children, and, let’s face it, most adults. There are enough smart asides to keep parents and leaders entertained as well, including at least one reference that will go over the head of most children. If you want a theological exposition of the Israel-Philistine conflict, then this isn’t for you, if you want an entertaining way to refresh a familiar story then point your browsers in this direction.

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