Games Master: Party Challenges

This issue I’m going to do something different. Rather than games, I’m going to cover challenges. I’ve found that these can work very well
when you have a lot of kids but not a lot of space. Split your hall into various stations and at each station have a challenge. Then split the kids into teams with about five children in each team. Ideally you’d have the same number of teams as stations but it doesn’t matter if you have fewer teams. (If you have one more team than stations set up an extra drinks break station.) Give each team a minute to understand
and practise each challenge, and then three minutes to do as well as they can at each one. Rotate the team around the stations after each period. To find out the overall winner, give each team a point for the position they finish in at each station (best at that challenge = one point, second best = two points, etc), and the team with the fewest overall points wins. Emphasise in all the challenges that they should be working as a team. The challenges may seem easy but when you see the panic every time you call ‘ten seconds left!’ you’ll know it’s working well!

For a free pdf download of this resource click hereSugar towersEquipment: Packets of sugar cubesThe team has to try and build as high a tower as possible...

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