The Big Picture: Guardians of Ancora

We enjoy making super hip and cool cultural links between what we do as children’s workers and the big wide world. So this month we present to you, children’s work according to games:

Scripture Union has launched ‘Guardians of Ancora’, a new game for children. The programme combines the exciting aspects of a game with biblical content and faith formation. The team of producers behind it were intent on creating something genuinely good, rather than a bad Christian knock-off. ‘Guardians’ is distributed via a free app. More details are available at

Lara Croft: Tomb raider

The pony-tailed explorer reminds us of any child who insists on scrambling halfway up a wall or hanging off the bannister, midway through your quiet prayer time.

Call of Duty

We’re not entirely sure what this game is, but we’ve heard it’s very popular. The title makes it sound like someone is being nagged to wash up after coffee on a Sunday morning. We all know what that is like.


Ever worked with a child who is found in the oddest of places, sandwiched in a cupboard between an easel and a play mat? That kid has clearly been playing far too much Tetris.

Fruit Ninja

If they start chopping up fruit like a maniac, first of all take away the knife, then suggest a mobile phone-detox.

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