We spoke to Adesola Ayodeji, a dance evangelist from The Message Trust, about how we can use art to reach out to young people outside of our churches and how he has used dance as a means to engage online with children and youth while in lockdown.

We spoke to Rachel Turner, pioneer of Parenting for Faith, about how we can help develop our children's faith in lockdown and how to protect your own faith as a parent. Plus, Rachel offers up encouragement for her fellow church leaders and youth and children's workers.
We spoke to Naomi Allen, head of youth work at Open Doors, about how talking to children and young people about persecuted Christians can help them feel less alone in the difficulty of coronavirus, and how we can encourage young minds to look beyond themselves and towards the wider church. Plus, Naomi offered up her tips for maintaining your faith in lockdown and gives kids tips on how to pray for others.
John Mark Comer is pastor of Bridgetown Church in Portland, Oregon, a father of three and an author. He spoke to us (before the coronavirus crisis) about his most recent book, The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry (WaterBrook), what it means to practise Sabbath and how we can take a step back from technology. You can read more of John Mark's interview in the May edition of Youth and Children's Work magazine.
Life in lockdown is hard enough without adding homeschooling into the mix. We spoke to a deputy head teacher about helping children to learn, supporting vulnerable families and preparing young people to go back to school. We also got his top tips for homeschooling.
We spoke to Joel Harris, intern and head of youth and social media at mental health charity Kintsugi Hope, about how we can be supporting our children and young people's emotional wellbeing. Joel gives his five top tips to staying mentally healthy in isolation and talks us through how to do schoolwork from home.
We spoke to Simon Barker from Scripture Union about how to reach out to and disciple young children in this strange time. He also suggested some ideas around Easter.
How do we celebrate Holy Week and Easter in a fresh way with families, particularly now we’re in lockdown? We spoke to Lucy Hall from Wintershall who shared her experience as an educator and a mother.
Crises often brings out our true colours. We spoke to Hope Together's, Dan Randall, about how Christians are coming together to reach out to young people in their communities. He also shared how to do evangelism during Holy Week and Easter, even during lockdown.
We spoke to youth evangelism officer for the Church of England, Jimmy Dale, about equipping young people to do evangelism and how we can use Easter to reach out to those who have never heard the gospel.