A very quick, special edition of the Youthwork Podcast as Martin and Jamie are joined by Youthwork Summit speaker Dr. Williams Struthers to go into further depth on his talk 'Your Youth group are watching porn.' The podcast team then reflect on some highlights from the Summit and what could be done better, as well as accidentally re-creating Sachsgate. Ish...
WE DID A PODCAST. Sam Hargreaves from Engage Worship joins the Youthwork Podcast Party (Interactive edition) to chat worship and creativity, underpinned by Martin's in-depth knowledge of dubstep. Meanwhile Phoebe and Jamie introduce the new, exciting choose-your-own element of the podcast. Gadzooks!
Take a sprinkle of Saunders, a dash of Cutteridge and add in a whole heap of Jimmy Dale and you get The Youthwork Podcast Episode 17! Jimmy is the centre director of Newham YFC and heading up an event called Love E7 this summer. They chat this, some football, and how urban Jimmy is/isn't. Oh, and Jamie reads a romantic poem.
The good ship Youthwork Podcast goes without first mate Jamie but is joined by number 1 fan, Richard Passmore! He chats about the amazing Streetspace project while Martin and Phoebe do their best not to sound like robots.
TeamPodcast return, without a guest but with so much to say. Listen in as our fearless team reflect on the Flame congress, before Phoebe disappears leaving Jamie and Martin free to chat Hunger Games (again), The Voice, Britain's Got Talent, Plan B, homophobia and the end of the Sixth Sense. What shenanigans!
We're joined by Pippa Winterburn from Fusion who instantly is the most professional on the team and takes over hosting duties due to Team Podcast's ineptitude. Somehow they break out of the funk to talk university, how youth workers can support students, CUs, The Hunger Games and Martin's strange dislike for Narnia.
It's the podcast that Dan Walker described as 'Bigger than Question of Sport.' With special guest, host of BBC Football Focus, Dan Walker! In a beaut of an interview he chats football, Jesus and the Olympics. And then pits his football wits against Jamie. Then Phoebe gets a sporting lesson from Jamie and they discuss the newly released Youthwork Summit programme!
Our podcast heroes return with everyone's favourite worship leader called Matt Redman, Matt Redman! He chats about his new single '27 million' in support of the A21 campaign, as well as the state of worship and the difficulty of remembering words. Elsewhere, Jamie and Phoebe continue their attempts to wrestle the reigns of the podcast away from Martin, and fail.
With Mike Pilavachi. Episode 11! Martin's back with a bang, and head honcho of Soul Survivor Mike Pilavachi. They talk the festivals, Naturally Supernatural and Man Utd. Jamie and Phoebs pop in to discuss swearing, Jamie's limited grasp of Danish and the next instalment of Jamie Vs. Martin.
The Sex Edition. In a Mart-less show, Jamie and Phoebe welcome Andrea Boden from Romance Academy to the show to discuss love, romance and sex. In an attempt to appear professional without their leader, there is a gap where the innapropriate jokes would be. Result!