With Gavin Calver. We're back after our festive break and joined by the National Director of Youth For Christ, Gavin Calver. He talks about mission, unity and dwarfs. Elsewhere, Jamie and Phoebe have a serious conversation about engaging with culture while Martin's attempt at a rap career gets even more cringeworthy.
Christmas Special. The team are joined by a deluge of former interns, games, (attempts at) fun and a surprisingly serious conversation about youth work in 2012...
With Mark Walley. Martin and Jamie are joined by youth worker Mark Walley. Or, as we like to call him 'Soul Survivor's Resident Calvanist.' As such we have a serious conversation about theology, the Bible, comic books, Tim Tebow and Postman Pat. We could not be more relevant...
With Mark Roques. TeamYouthworkPod are joined by writer, speaker and philosopher Mark Roques to talk stories, world view and football. The team also discuss Dickens, time travel, the latest issue and the amazing, disappearing Phoebs!
With Fuzz Kitto. Episode 5 of The Youthwork Podcast is here! Jamie and Martin interview youth work legend Fuzz Kitto and are joined by the other half of the new-look Youthwork team. And after two attempts they form a vaguely coherent podcast. Hooray!
With Krish Kandiah. Martin and Jamie return to reflect upon the Youthwork Summit, including a special treat- the Love or Justice talk from Krish Kandiah! On top of that, Jartin chat Coldplay, St Pauls Cathedral and rapper 'Dwayne Tryumf.'
The Youth Work Awards! In episode 3 of The Youthwork Podcast, Martin and Jamie discuss the pros and many cons of the X-Factor, and Jamie reports (live) from the Youth Work Awards.
The Youthwork Summit special! Ish. Martin and Jamie start off with the best of intentions to discuss the upcoming summit, but end up chatting Rob Bell TV Shows, the joys of Frank Spencer and Robot Wars. Plus some serious youthwork-type stuff as well. Honest.
With guests Tim Hughes, Ben Cantelon and Al Gordon from Worship Central... the first episode of The Youthwork Podcast is here!

We're back! Ish. Welcome along to the new home of, the newly-named, The Youthwork Podcast. (It's very important that "the" goes before Youthwork). Listen in as Martin and Jamie welcome you to the new pod, and talk you through the changes, and Newsround presenters...