School can be the best days of your life. But some young people find it so hard. Deborah Barnett from TLG (Transforming Lives for Good) shares how we can support those on the edge of exclusion.
Nick Page, author of the book with the very impressive title above (and over 80 other books), shares why we should drop the term 'Bible study' and rethink how we get children and young people to engage with the big picture story of Christianity.
Jess Lester works for The Sun. She explains why her boyfriend’s celibacy converted her to Christianity and why youth and children’s workers need to be telling young people about the option of waiting for marriage.
Sarah Lumgair chats to Ruth Jackson about black consciousness and why Christianity is too often seen as a 'white' religion.
The cricket world cup, which is being hosted in England and Wales has begun! Scripture Union’s Ben Poch shares a bit of his faith journey and looks at how we can use sport to reach children and young people.
Ruth Jackson speaks to the Croydon foster care team to find how we can make sure our churches are the best places fostered kids can be.

The award-winning worship leader opens up about the impact of his father's suicide, the legacy of Soul Survivor, mental health and parenting.
Premier Youth and Children's Work deputy editor Emily Howarth speaks to award-winning comedy writer James Cary about youth work, parenting small children and humour.
Iiiits Easter! Natalie Evans from Big Church Youth chats to us about supporting volunteer teams. Plus, what does lasagne have to do with diverse leadership teams?
This month we are joined by Ollie Deeks and Stephen Fenwick to chat about social media, gender, Bible study and twins.