Ruth Jackson spoke to BBC Humberside about a survey exploring right and wrong.
Ruth Jackson captures some thoughts from the final day of the last ever Soul Survivor. She spoke with Mike Pilavachi, the worship band, youth workers, caterers, young people, medics, the sports team and parents.
HOPE's Dan Randall speaks to Ruth Jackson about why he thinks 80 percent of church budgets should be given to children's and youth ministry! They cover many subjects including schools’ work, sex, testimonies, taking risks, discipleship, evangelism, volunteering and much more.
We spoke to Stephanie Gauld, former director of CBeebies interactive and Disney online studios EMEA, and Joe Watson, former director of numerous BBC shows, about faith, children and media. Stephanie and Joe both work for the Little Worship Company, a project from Wonderborn Studios to inspire children aged 0 to 7 with a knowledge of God.
We spoke to worship leader Tim Hughes about the legacy of Soul Survivor and the impact it had on countless young lives.
Youthscape’s Martin Saunders speaks to Ruth Jackson about his journey to faith and into youth work. He discusses important questions around gender, sex and identity and shares some thoughts about his new book The Man You’re Made to Be.
As Soul Survivor draws to a close, deputy editor Emily Howarth chats to the founder and all-round legend Mike Pilavachi.
Dave Martin explains how and why running a Messy Cafe has revolutionised his church. He shares the joys, pitfalls and best practice for running a Messy Church.
School can be the best days of your life. But some young people find it so hard. Deborah Barnett from TLG (Transforming Lives for Good) shares how we can support those on the edge of exclusion.
Nick Page, author of the book with the very impressive title above (and over 80 other books), shares why we should drop the term 'Bible study' and rethink how we get children and young people to engage with the big picture story of Christianity.