How do we ensure that there is diversity in our children’s and youth groups? Guvna B joins us to discuss how we can better reflect and reach out to ethnic minorities, as well as how we can engage children and young people in politics.
How can we help engage children and young people in church? Youth worker of the year Becca Willet from St Albans, Fulham joins us to discuss some new research from Google and unpack what that means for a younger generation who want to create and not just consume.
Urban Saint’s Mark Arnold joins Jamie and Ruth to discuss how powerful stories can be for children and young people. Plus, what do we do when our own faith gets shaken? And how can we develop faith in our children and young people?
How can we cultivate spiritual practices with our children and young people? Jimmy Dale, the Church of England’s youth evangelism officer joins Ruth and Jamie to discuss prayer, fasting and the Bible.
How can we build resilience in our children and young people and in ourselves as we lead them? Siobhan Crowther the families, children and youth worker at Teddington Baptist Church joins Ruth and Matt to discuss this important question as well as exploring ‘post-truth’. Plus, we take a look at Fuller Youth Institute’s new Growing Young research.
Welcome to the first ever episode of the Premier Youth and Children’s Work podcast! Jamie and Ruth are joined by YCW’s resources editor Alex Taylor as they discuss traditionally teenage issues which are now affecting younger children, including porn, mental health and loneliness. Plus, find out more about the vision behind the magazine.
How do we cope with grief? This month Premier Youthwork's web editor Marcus Jones joins us as we discuss how to help young people find hope in hopeless situations. Plus, we think about how much of ourselves we should share in our youth work.
What is calling? How do we work it out? What about when we begin to second guess what we thought we were called to? Hip hop artist Guvna B joins Jamie and Ruth to discuss questions around calling as well as looking at how we can better listen to young people.
How do we talk to young people about suicidal thoughts? This month’s Premier Youthwork podcast welcomes our new designer Matt Withers as we talk about some of the more difficult elements of youth work. We also try to get our heads around cultural phenomena Pokemon Go and ascertain what each of our ‘mission styles’ are.
To celebrate Premier Youthwork’s 25th Birthday, Jamie Cutteridge is joined by founding editor John Buckeridge and former editor Martin Saunders to discuss youth work past, present and future.