The Premier Youthwork podcast returns (again)! With a new format we welcome back an old friend (Phoebe Thompson) and a new one (Ruth Jackson) as we attempt to talk through the February issue, but end up talking about sex. Obviously.
Look, we’ve got to be honest…we talk about politics in this episode of The Youthwork Podcast....NO, COME BACK! Politics is super-important.
To the surprised of everyone… the Premier Youthwork podcast is back! Jamie and Phoebe return but with a slightly re-jigged format and special guest...
We’re back! After an unplanned summer vacation the podcast returns with special guest Tim Alford from Serious4God. Meanwhile Phoebe, Lloyd and Jamie discuss whether you could use a spider’s leg as a toothbrush. You need to hear it to believe it…
Episode 41, and the good ship Premier Youthwork Podcast sets sail for another episode, with special guest Chris Curtis. Chris fills us in on Youthscape, the Youth Work Summit and the Magic Circle before telling the story of the most embarrassing night of Jamie’s life.
Episode 40, with special guest Jill Rowe! Jill from Oasis comes with answers to all your questions! Which super power should she have? What’s up with Lloyd’s trousers? How do you connect young people and older people? The Youthwork Podcast – entertaining AND informative.
We're back from an extended holiday! The Youthwork Podcast returns like every character in every TV show ever, with our designer Lloyd and children's work legend, Sam Donoghue, to chat about sex, relationships and what youth workers need to know about children's work.
Youthwork’s back…ALRIGHT! We return with a new podcast, a new intern, but the departure of an old favourite. SO MANY EMOTIONS.
SUPER DOUBLE BILL PODCAST! Hello! It’s the Youthwork Summit this week! So we did a podcast with two whole speakers from the event – Ruth McGarahan AND Lillie Jenkins. They’re both brilliant. Off you go…
No hype, no whimsy or gimmick needed for this one as The Youthwork Podcast opened its (studio) doors to Rob Bell. He talks to Martin about the new book, the old book and Banksy, before Jamie and Phoebe pop in for a chat about Rob himself.