It's a new month! November! We all love November. So happy November. As a free gift - a new episode of the Youthwork Pocast starring Beth Croft and Sam Bailey from Soul Survivor. How exciting!
New intern! New guest! New words being spoken! The pirate ship of the podcast airwaves, The Youthwork Podcast, welcomes aboard new shipmate Anya, and guest Jim Roberson who tells us all about his new book The Discipline Coach.
TeamSuperPodcast are joined by Matt Valler from Tearfund to talk about things that happened ages ago and cardigans. They also talk about more important things, like the soon-to-be-launched 'Rhythms' over at Tearfund.
We're back! Summer is over and the podcast begins. Martin makes his final appearance alongside newly employed Jamie, and head of Onelife, Pete 'married to the editor but also so much more than that' Wynter! They chat about the summer, the Onelife Conferences and Martin's choice in t-shirts.
HELLO EUROPE! #TeamAliceBoyle (Alice Boyle) joins the podcast team to dicuss her recent trip to Thailand, human trafficking, porn and Eurovision.
Ahoy-hoy shipmates! The Youthwork Podcast team are back and joined by bearded singer-songwriter Matt Macaulay who talks about his new album, namesakes, birthdays and velcro.
We're joined by a King! Or a Prince! Wait, no, an OBE! CEO of XLP Patrick Regan (OBE) enters the podcast fray to share the shock of being recognised by the Queen as well as the lowdown on his latest book and the latest goings on with XLP.
Back once again for the renegade master! The Youthwork Podcast is joined by new intern Ayana, old intern Sean Skinner and the man behind the Inspired Conference, James Faragher. They talk preaching, Martin's son, strawberrys and Alan Partridge. GET ON IT.
*YOUTHWORK PODCAST KLAXON* In spite of the loss of their dear leader (Martin was at home, not dead), Phoebs and Jamie welcome YWS12 Speaker, TV personality and super-exciting guest Ruth Corden to the podcast to chat sex, relationships, Big Brother and the Wombles. It's an absolute beaut of an episode so get your ears around it.
A very quick, special edition of the Youthwork Podcast as Martin and Jamie are joined by Youthwork Summit speaker Dr. Williams Struthers to go into further depth on his talk 'Your Youth group are watching porn.' The podcast team then reflect on some highlights from the Summit and what could be done better, as well as accidentally re-creating Sachsgate. Ish...