April 2017 // Journeying Together: Session 4 - Joseph

Meeting aim: To understand that God has a plan.

Bible passage: Genesis 37, 39-47

Background: Joseph’s story is one that is packed with drama, danger and dilemmas. Although the action took place thousands of years ago, many of the issues are still current for our young people. Trouble with family, misplaced blame and wrongful arrest, being forgotten by the authorities, even slavery are all continuing issues. We need to help young people interrogate the story to explore the issues within and what God is saying about them. Through Joseph’s story, we also discover the fact that God doesn’t solve everything immediately: Joseph’s redemption and the family’s reunion is decades in the making.

Download the PDF here.Gathering time10 minutesYou will need: refreshments; a comfortable place to sit and chatAs the young people arrive, serve them the...

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