Mentoring: Love

I ran a 10k race last October. I’m a ‘middle of the pack’ runner, so my time of 48:44 was acceptable but not mind-blowing. I occasionally entertain dreams of finishing on a podium, but deep down I’m resigned to it never happening. It’s too big a goal to achieve. On reflection, I realised that if I had improved my time by just one per cent, I would have jumped a staggering 358 places from 585th to 227th. That’s achievable. It just equates to better nutrition and a little more training time. Just a small life change could result in significant growth. Still not a podium, but I would be moving in the right direction.

Sometimes when we look at the destination we’d love to get to, we can end up demotivated, instead of motivated to keep going bit by bit. Will I be the...

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