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Meeting guide 4: Self-harm

Meeting aim: To explore the topic of self-harm in a safe space and to support one another.

Preparation: Talking about self-harm can be challenging but please don’t ignore this topic. Young people are smart and many of them are aware of self-harm to some degree. Use this as an opportunity to educate them, demonstrating that it’s OK to talk about this and other struggles. Please note that leading a session on self-harm can be emotionally exhausting so remember to look after yourself. You will need: post-it notes and pens, the print out of fact and myth statements, a pillar candle, tea lights and lighter and Taboo cards.

Taboo!15 minutesThis game is all about guessing the word but not saying the ‘taboo words’. If you don’t have the board game, print and cut out the list...

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