Periods of change

Change is a constant part of our lives - new school, new church, new baby, new step-parent, new church group, even new shoes! This autumn, we moved house from the country farm house where my children were born to a house on a street in a villagey-suburb. I knew it would be a big change for us all, and especially for the children who hadn’t really chosen the change, which makes things harder. I wanted to find ways to help make it as smooth as possible, but when I searched for things to help our family transition well, I found surprisingly few resources. I’m not a transition expert, but I thought it might be helpful to share some of the things I found and some I used to help us make this big move. I hope they inspire you that change can be done well and can be faith enhancing.

Keep things the sameAs far as was possible, we kept our routines the same, going to the same activities right up until a couple of days before moving (by...

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