All-age service: Empty or full?

Meeting aim: To respond to a God whoprovides and cares.

Key verse: “The Lord kept the promise thathis prophet Elijah had made, and she did not run out of flour or oil” 1 Kings 17:16.

Preparation: You will need: large wooden craftpegs - one per person; felt-tip pens; outside space or a video of skies, clouds, stars etc; large piece of blue material; white cushions or pillow cases; a host for the story game show; two teams of mixed ages (also divide your congregation into two so that they are involved in cheering for their team); signs saying ‘Cheer’ and ‘Oooh’ and someone to hold these; three laminated pieces of paper for each team printed with A,B and C; two large transparent tubs; twelve bags of flour; prizes; empty jars (collect these beforehand or ask everyone to bring one per person with them); stones or pieces of paper. 

Prayer and worship activityOption 110 minutesSplit into pairs or threes. Give everyone a wooden peg and ask them to write Hebrews 13:5 on the peg: “God...

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