July 2017 // First Steps Together: Session 2 – Jeremiah

Meeting aim: To see how God sends warning to his people to give them the chance to turn back to him – but they don’t always do so.

Bible passage: Jeremiah 36

Background: The northern kingdom of Israel has already been taken over by the Assyrians and the people have been taken into exile. The southern kingdom of Judah has limped on, mostly with evil kings at the helm. In 2 Kings 22 and 23, we get a flash of hope with King Josiah who follows God, but his son, Jehoiakim, is a different matter, and it’s onto this stage that God’s prophet Jeremiah comes. Today’s story details the prophecy concerning the takeover by the Babylonians, which Jehoiakim refused to take any notice of. This is the beginning of the end for the kingdom of Judah.

Download the PDF here.Circle time 5 minutesAs you begin the session, invite the children to sit together in a circle and pass round a simple object. When...

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