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July 2017 // Growing Together: Session 1 – Elijah

Meeting aim: To understand that God is the only true God, and more powerful than anything.

Bible passage: 1 Kings 18

Background: Of all the early kings of Israel, Ahab was one of the worst. The Bible records that he and his wife, Jezebel, did many terrible things. Worst of all, Ahab led the people of Israel away from God and served Baal instead – a false god worshipped by his foreign wife and her own people. Ahab built a temple and an altar to Baal, and set up a sacred site for the goddess Asherah. The prophet Elijah pops into Ahab’s story very suddenly; we don’t know anything about him other than that he comes from Tishbe, he turns up, sent by God to announce a drought which won’t end until he, Elijah, says so. Elijah then goes into hiding as drought grips the land and King Ahab orders a man hunt for the trouble-making prophet.

Download the PDF here.Circle time 5 minutesAs the children arrive, sit everyone down in a circle. Ask the children if they have done anything this week...

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