July 2017 // Growing Together: Session 2 – Jeremiah

Meeting aim: To discover that God wants us to listen to him.

Bible passage: Jeremiah 36

Background: It’s the sixth Century BC and the Jewish people in Judah are heading for total disaster. They are surrounded by powerful enemies; worse still, they have turned away from God, ignored his laws and forgotten the promises they made to him. A succession of kings have done little to turn the people back to God. In 598 BC, King Jehoiakim is still on the throne when the Babylonian army conquers Judah. This invasion leads to the catastrophe the Jews have always feared: in 587 BC Jerusalem and the temple are destroyed.

God sends a series of prophets, including Jeremiah, to warn his people about this imminent disaster. Jeremiah tells the unpopular truth, God’s people urgently need to turn back to God and renew their faith in him, before the worst happens.

Download the PDF here.Circle time 5 minutesAs the children arrive, sit everyone down in a circle. Ask the children about listening to each other; who listens...

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