July 2017 // Journeying Together: Session 2 – Jeremiah

Meeting aim: To realise that ignoring Goddoesn’t work.

Bible passage: Jeremiah 36

Background: The king was in charge, but itwas believed he was in charge because of God’s will. Because God was so important to their lives (if good or bad things happened it was under God’s control and often as a result of what the people, and their king had done), the priests played a major part in their lives. Worshipping God through sacrifice was a big thing. The role of the prophet was to pass God’s word to the king and the people, to keep them on the right path. Prophets who tended to suggest that the king was taking a wrong path weren’t overly popular. Today we meet Jeremiah, a pretty unpopular prophet.  

Download the PDF here.Gathering time10 minutesAs the young people arrive, serve them the refreshments you have provided. Try to have something a bit more...

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