June 2017 // Journeying Together: Session 1 – Samuel

Meeting aim: To reflect on hearing God’s voice.

Bible passage: 1 Samuel 3

Background: How to hear God remains one of the key issues for Christian young people - and understandably so. We can probably all remember this scenario from our own adolescence. If you can learn to hear God it should, in theory, negate the regular doubts about God’s existence, make a tangible and reliable foundation for a relationship with Jesus and open up access to all the divine advice, guidance and support a teenager might need to get them through these key years. We can probably all also remember that it is not straightforward to learn how to hear God and rarely develops in such a perfect way. This story about Samuel is a familiar one but provides a great backdrop to digging deeply into this issue and area with your young people.

Gathering time 5 minutesYou will need: refreshments; a comfortable place to sit and chatAs the young people arrive, serve them the refreshments you have...

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