June 2017 // Journeying Together: Session 2 – David and Goliath

Meeting aim: To explore God’s help in overcoming challenges.

Bible passage: 1 Samuel 17

Background: It’s always a challenge to find fresh approaches to very familiar passages, but God’s word is so deep and living that there is always something new he can say to us through it. This passage has some great principles for young people to cling on to, bearing in mind what David knew about his future at this point - and of course that he didn’t know he would become arguably the most famous king of all time and a major player in God’s story throughout the world. As with many of the stories of God’s plans being worked out, they take time and patience.

Gathering time 10 minutesYou will need: refreshments; round, flat biscuits; tubes of coloured icing; sprinklesShare out the refreshments, including the...

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