May 2017 // Growing Together: Session 1 - Moses

Meeting aim: To begin to understand something of who God is, and that God was with Moses.

Bible passage: Exodus 3:1-4:23

Background: A lot has gone on and is going on in this part of Exodus. The Israelites were under great oppression by the Egyptians. Chapter two of Exodus focuses on Moses as a boy. Moses then flees to Midian to escape Pharaoh. At this point, God had been silent for 400 years, but God breaks this silence by speaking directly to Moses. This next part of Exodus is key in the bigger picture of salvation. God reveals himself to Moses and then sends Moses to deliver his people from slavery.

Circle time 5 minutesAs the children arrive, sit everyone down. Ask the children, what they were doing this time yesterday, what they are doing later today...

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