May 2017 // Growing Together: Session 3 - The Ten Commandments

Meeting aim: To explore how to live God’s way.

Bible passage: Exodus 20:1–17

Background: The Ten Commandments are part of our cultural consciousness, but it’s unlikely that people will be able to name more than three or four! Use this session to explore these rules for living together, with God and with other people. Try to help children see that these rules shouldn’t lead us to slavish obedience, rather that they should come out of a love for God and of God’s love for us. God doesn’t give us these guides to restrict us and keep us down. He wants the best for us, both in our relationship with him and in our friendships with others.

Circle time 5 minutesWelcome the children as they arrive and share out any refreshments you have. Sit down together and chat about the week just gone....

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