May 2017 // Journeying Together: Session 2 - Passover

Meeting aim: To explore the story of the first Passover and its significance to God’s people.

Bible passage: Exodus 11-12

Background: God’s rescue of his people from Egypt is a central story in the identity of the people of God. Its significance echoes through the centuries to the time of David, Josiah and Ezra. It’s central, too, to communion and Jesus’ use of the Passover symbols in the last supper (eg Matthew 26:17-30) is significant. Whether the young people in your group know this story or not, help them to see how pivotal these moments are, and how much the idea of rescue is important for our own faith.

Gathering time5 minutesShare out your refreshments and ask the group about phobias: is anyone scared of anything? Explain that this week we’re looking...

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