May 2017 // Journeying Together: Session 4 - The Promised Land

Meeting aim: To explore the trustworthiness of God and his promises.

Bible passage: Numbers 13-14; Joshua 3

Background: Sometimes, God promises us things and we can expect them to be delivered to us on a plate. At this point in the Israelites story, they have reached the land God promised them, but are scared off by the people already living there. They let their fear get the better of their faith in God. Fear can be a huge obstacle to putting your trust in God. Help the young people think about what they’re worried about in their lives and how that might be standing in the way of their growing with God.

Gathering time 5 minutesHave a time of refreshments and catching up. If you would like you can begin to bring in the theme of promised land by asking the...

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