January 2019 // Schools’ work: Your turn - Creating spaces

As we consider how best to create space, listen to and be open to a child’s view of the sacred, the first question is: how will we plan our schools’ work around this? The second is: what do the children I work with have to teach or show me about God? If our approach is always about us teaching, moulding and informing children we will miss out. We will miss the chance to become more childlike in our own spiritual understanding, and in doing so will lose an important opportunity to reconnect with the God we follow. If we consider the words of Jesus we read at the start, we may even miss the opportunity to enter the kingdom of heaven, and why would any of us want that?

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  • Look critically at your current practice. Are there times when we have squashed a child or young person’s spiritual response? We may have done so by defining too narrowly any possible responses or promoting a ‘right’ answer over all other possibilities.
  • How can we foster children’s or young people’s spirituality in our work?
  • Where (physically, and through our sessions) can we provide space for children and young people to explore their spirituality?
  • Can we provide this same space and freedom for staff to explore their responses?

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