On Tuesday 6th October 2020, the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) published its full report into the Anglican Church. This follows the interim report, which was published in May 2019,... More

I was recently looking at the Benedictus, the words Zechariah says on the birth of his son, John the Baptist in Luke 1:67-79. It’s a powerful passage,... More

There is very little about life as we knew it pre-March 2020 that is still happening and, despite a prevailing feeling among many that we’re all a bit... More

But what does that say to the young people and children we work with? If we don’t encourage our groups to pray – both together and individually – or demonstrate it ourselves, then it won’t seem important... More

That’s an increase of 193 percent compared to the same timeframe last year. The recent surge in growth helped the app reach a new milestone of 50 million installs since its launch in 2013. The app is designed... More

Whereas you can now only socially gather in groups with a maximum of six people, church services and groups will still be able to operate.Authorities say that activities for children organised by a business,... More

Mother’s Union has opened applications for its ‘Thank you key workers’ scheme which allows people to apply or nominate someone to receive a free family experience or short break. Anyone from nurses to... More

The charity’s annual Good Childhood Report has examined international data showing that children aged 15 in the UK had the greatest fear of failure, and the lowest overall life satisfaction across the... More

In a previous blog I suggested that we need Gen Z’s help to figure out what discipleship looks like in the digital wasteland; to describe what shape wisdom takes. I thought I’d give that a go and ask a... More

But have you ever asked yourself why we’re so obsessed with craft? Youth work isn’t littered with Easter gardens made from corner yogurt pots or creation collages, so why does it play such a big part in... More