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Veggie Fails...

We’re all aware of the current vegetable shortage dramas – shops being forced to ration lettuce, courgettes and aubergines because of flooding in the Mediterranean – but how can fruit and veg help us in our ministry to children and young people? Here are ten alternative uses for those (not so readily available) healthy snacks:


Recreate the Garden of Eden using broccoli and asparagus – talk to the young people about second chances.


Play supersize noughts and crosses with carrots (lashed together to make a cross) and mushrooms.


Carve jolly messages in pumpkins and light them as a Halloween alternative to show that Jesus is the Light of the World.


Use an ugli fruit in a talk about self-worth to explore the impact of imposed (self or otherwise) names.


Play Bobbing Brussels (like Bobbing Apples but way more gross).


Make invisible ink from lemons (write on paper with a cotton bud soaked in lemon juice, heat the paper to reveal the message) to talk about God’s promises written on our heart.


Create a vegetable orchestra (carrot recorder, pumpkin drum, celeriac bongo, black-eye beans shaker) and make a joyful sound to the Lord!


Host a kiwi and spoon race.


Generate electricity from a citrus fruit (Google it!) and talk about the wonders of God’s creation.


Grow a grape vine together (you can pick these up cheaply at vineyards) and unpack some of the ‘I am’ sayings in John’s gospel.

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