A round up of this month's news. More

None of us want to think about it, let alone admit it, but the statistics are telling. We all have bullies in our youth groups. More

Ipsos Mori recently surveyed 2,612 11 to 16-year-olds to find out their most trusted professions, and vicars ranked fifth. More

A church in Preston recently asked their children what qualities they desired from their new church leader.... More

Fewer young people identifying as ChristianThe recent British Social Attitudes survey shows a significant... More

Trick or treatHalloween, the third-largest festival in the UK, is looming so we’ve gathered a few alternatives... More

A round up of this month's news. More

Donald Trump, the most powerful, if controversial, leader of the moment has made a decision that neglects... More

In a night of political shocks and wildly inaccurate polling, one of the most notable trends is the reportedly... More

50 challenges, 50 days, and at the end of it you die. This sounds like the awful premise of a new blockbuster... More