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Favourite toys

A new report has suggested that the toys children play with can have an impact on their career choices. We decided to put that to the test by asking the Childrenswork team what their favourite toys were growing up.

Did our budding writers and designer spend their whole time writing stories and colouring in?

Phoebe: I always enjoyed Hungry Hippos but I also loved the babies that cried ‘real’ tears and ‘filled’ their nappies.

Sam: My soft Fozzy Bear toy was literally the best thing ever.

Jamie: My mum made me the Tracy Island from Thunderbirds, as shown on Blue Peter. It was made mainly of papier mâché and took months to dry in the airing cupboard.

Alex: My favourite toy was Lego; I loved building, knocking down and building again.

Lloyd: I spent my entire childhood playing with my Sergeant Major Zero figure from Terrahawks.

That’s a resounding ‘no’ to that theory THEN.

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