It’s always me. I have the uncanny knack, in any given situation, of blundering haplessly into anecdotal territory. So if there’s an open manhole cover, a banana skin or a social time-bomb nearby, I’m... More

Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet. More

Teenagers and risk naturally go together. Youth work without risk is, in a sense, a denial of the very essence of youth ministry (or at least a denial... More

I’ve developed a morbid obsession with late night Christian television. I’m pretty sure it’s not good... More

I’m on holiday in Big Sur, California, as I write this. It’s on the central Californian coast, and is... More

I grew up in church, and was a mostly-good kid and all. I went to Sunday School every week, so I heard... More

Most people my age wanted to be Alan Shearer or Geri Halliwell; my idol was a then-30-something Greek... More

I think 11–14s are amazing, and are way under-appreciated as an age group. So, without reservation, I... More

I was asked to speak on Psalm 139 for a youth worker’s spiritual retreat recently. The thing is - Psalm... More

The One volunteer. That’s all my enthusiastic – some might say visionary - appeal to the congregation... More