Toy Review: The Ugglys Electronic Pup-Pet

From £29.99. Warning – the following review contains multiple uses of the word ‘fart’.

I am a 25-year-old man. As such, occasionally, very occasionally, I laugh at toilet humour, find farts funny or deliberately burp. As I say, very occasionally.

But even as ‘that kind of guy’, The Ugglys Electronic Pup-Pet goes a bit too far. In essence, this is a dog hand puppet, which, when you
move the mouth and press a button, produces burp and fart sounds. It’s no more nuanced than that. It’s a farting puppet. Did we laugh at it in the office? Sure, maybe once, some of us twice, but that was it.

This puppet has one gag, and it’s pretty gross and annoying. Don’t buy it for your kids. Just don’t. Making fart sounds is an essential part of any child’s development, research – Jamie Cutteridge, 1988- 1996 It is a stage for children to enjoy and adults to tolerate; they don’t need a toy to do this for them. They’re children, let them make fart sounds of their own accord.

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