It seems to me that staying close to vision has never been more important than in February 2021. We have the usual February (post-New Year resolution) slump, but this year we find ourselves, once again,... More

In the last couple of months our dog, Flora, has developed Lupus. For her, it means her nails split, splinter and get infected so walking can be like walking on hot coals or needles. She will even be lying... More

Have a conversation. One of the most straightforward ways to do this is to instigate family meal times. Bring everyone to gather around a table, even if some are reluctant. This gives everyone a chance... More

We’re back in lockdown again, schools are closed to most children again, many families of children and young people with additional needs are struggling again. It’s like we’re in a recurring lockdown ‘Groundhog... More

My grandparents’ house is an art gallery showcasing our childhood. We always go in through the back door, and right through the house the walls are adorned with the artwork, poetry and photos we have produced... More

Can you remember how you learnt about sex? Was it a VHS describing what happens using euphemistic fruit images? Was it whispers in the playground? Was it graphic content seen online?  How you choose to... More

The unexpected answer to prophecyI think I mentioned doing this before, but I’m going to mention it again anyway. A year or two ago I read the Bible from cover to cover in chronological order. I would... More

Meeting aim: To explore the Christmas story in our socially distant world. Bible passage: Matthew 1-2; Luke 1-2  Background The format of this service is slightly different from our usual service plans,... More

The nativity play written by Ethel and Maud’ s grandad in 1909, is replayed by a new generation, while the congregation mouth the words they have heard every year of their lives. The oranges are on annual... More

It will be a lot harder this winter and Christmas to keep up to date with how people are doing as the usual carol concerts and Christmas lunches may not happen. Many will be keen to still maintain contact... More