Some of us have felt fatigued and it’s been tough to engage via the online space – there have been huge drop-offs in numbers and in some cases young people aren’t engaging at all. Children have grown tired... More

Now everyone has to stay in education longer (until your 18th birthday), in a way there is less pressure to ensure you get the results you want, first time round.The options for young people are also more... More

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I was a teenager in the 1970s – I was placed in permanent foster care at 14 as my mother battled alcoholism. I was constantly skipping school, and my form tutors must have wept writing out my termly attendance... More

Unsurprisingly, it’s anxiety inducing for me as an adult. I crave my routine of getting out to the office, seeing colleagues and friends and socialising with family on the weekends. Without a doubt, it’s... More

My first visit to St Augustine’s theological college was exciting for many reasons, but none more than the presence of a community of Benedictine sisters. Real-life nuns who lived and worshiped quietly... More

Explaining some things to my four-year-old and two-year-old can be testing, and trying to help them understand isn’t always easy; so you can imagine it has been an interesting experience trying to explain... More

Two things are certain in the internet age: firstly, if you hold any opinion on any subject or any view of the world, no matter how ridiculous, you are certain to find at least one kindred spirit online... More

Recently, a friend of mine caught the dreaded Covid 19. Her biggest concern? What would happen to her children were she to have to go into hospital, because she is a single parent. There was no other adult... More

According to my wife, I have the online habits of a teenager. I grew up watching the internet evolve, and was there before it was even invented – and so, I think it’s true that the Internet, the web and... More