Seek good advice Obviously, washing your hands properly and more regularly than usual is really important. Be sensible about symptoms. If you've got a particular vulnerability, exercise a high degree of... More

There are no unwelcome surprises in the film The Call of the Wild – the classic adaptation of American novelist Jack London’s 1903 book set in Canada. The lack of surprise is either because you have read... More

 Jess Lester, deputy editor of YCW What was your favourite book as a kid? I remember reading the classic book Guess How Much I Love You with my mum most nights during my early childhood. It was gifted... More

Ruth Jackson: Obviously no two experiences of eating disorders are the same but what were some of the causes for you?Elizabeth McNaught: The journey into an eating disorder takes place over time through... More

It’s important to remember that self-harm is not new – it’s seen in the Bible. In Kings 1, the prophets of Baal cut themselves as a desperate way to try and to get their gods to listen to them (1 Kings... More

This is particularly true on Ash Wednesday, where an ash cross can be marked on a worshipper's forehead, or people are invited to confess their sins at the start of Lent. But imagine being a young child... More

Jess works for City Hearts, a Sheffield-founded national charity that works with women with life controlling issues and survivors of modern-day slavery. After experiencing abuse as a child, she became... More

Earlier this month, St Paul’s Cathedral and the Diocese of London welcomed families from across the city (and the south-east) to Messy Cathedral, a celebration for Messy Churches, children and families... More

Many children know that God loves them, but they have a hard time believing that God likes them. In other words, they KNOW that God is love, and that He has done a lot of amazing things to prove His love... More

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