Be honest and realistic. Access good resources. Don't feel obliged to brief them every day, just sit and watch Newsround with them, and then just talk about what they're thinking.   Answer their questions... More

Dear children,I write a lot of letters. I write to vicars, to other bishops, in fact to all kinds of grown-ups but I also wanted to write to you as you are an important part of our churches and I am your... More

Trip 1: Gare du Nord, ParisWhen you travel on the train, how do you feel when you arrive at your destination? Are you usually welcomed by people? Or do you march straight on to your final destination?Find... More

I would miss our lovely school community. The thought of managing jobs, school work and play was also daunting, but I knew we had much to be grateful for even in this season. If my mind turned to those... More

As I approach Easter my head is full of questions. More than ever, I am able to relate to Holy Saturday, the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday where the disciples must have felt lost and filled... More

Before the COVID-19 crisis, LZ7’s Lindz West spent a lot of time listening to young people and talking to them about things like mental health. He and his team would spend a week in local schools and at... More

As the Coronavirus continues to spread, our youth gatherings have had to be postponed until further notice. Many of us youth workers aren’t very familiar with online youth ministry, so it’s probable, like... More

And our children and young people are no different. Younger children can struggle to understand what’s going on and why they’re no longer at nursery or school. Young people, just as they are starting to... More

Sticking to a schedule and routine can make it a lot easier to be productive. It’s also important to remember that we don’t have to do everything all of the time! It’s totally fine to take some time out... More

However, for those involved in youth and children’s work, this emerging digital frontier has long been part and parcel of their work because most young people are familiar with the digital space. It’s... More