Parenting as a church leader is a unique circumstance. It’s hard to describe to others who aren’t doing it the various pressures of parenting in a goldfish bowl, the interweaving of our home space with... More

When it comes to reading the Bible with our children and young people, the best thing we can do is to inspire their imagination with some of the individual stories, something I know we all do a good job.... More

Recently, we've been thinking about what it means for faith to be exercised, developed and explored at home as an immediate response to lockdown. We can't meet as churches, where we've often relied as... More

With the song over, they both took a lavish bow and looked conspiratorially towards me for that fatherly approval so coveted by children of all ages. And of course, they got it: I wowed and wooed and whooped... More

Minute by minute, bulletins about the spread of coronavirus are delivered in real time to our screens. Daily updates from Number 10 are broadcast straight into kitchens and living rooms. We are bombarded... More

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Routine Keep a routine, day in, day out. If, for example, at 9am my children are sitting at the kitchen table doing phonics, the following day at 9am, let’s make sure they’re at the kitchen table doing... More

Some of us have the strength and gift of adaptability. I on the other hand - a person who loves change, growth, challenges, problems to solve - find myself confused when trying to cope with a problem so... More

First, something I’m noticing in youth workers: they are getting tired. Week one of isolation was an adrenaline rush. Not necessarily a fun one; but a push to figure out tech and online approaches. But... More