When my son was 3, he told my wife he was hungry. She wouldn’t give him a snack so he threw a coffee cup on the floor. I came downstairs to crockery everywhere and my son crying. He said he was sorry.... More

According to research carried out by Kantar and reported in the i newspaper on 3rd April, the people of the UK have already spent £146m on Easter eggs in 2019. While there’s nothing wrong with Easter eggs... More

In 2016, Robyn Travis published the book Mama Can’t Raise No Man. At its launch, he spoke powerfully about being a black fiction author. His publisher said he was likely the only Black and Minority Ethnic... More

Welcome to Together for Easter, a resource brought to you by Premier Youth and Children’s Work.  More

Families are hurting in our country. For many reasons including broken relationships, poverty, addiction, mental health and, a more visceral perpetrator of hurt, knife crime – currently a contentious topic... More

Over the last few months, I've seen multiple social media posts showing Kanye West's family enjoying church services inside their home.It has been dubbed 'Kanye’s Sunday Services' by the internet. Videos... More

With Lent in full swing and Easter on the horizon, Mothering Sunday can catch up on us quicker than we expected. And as it comes each year, it can be hard to find a new angle on it. But lucky for us, numerous... More

Most of us probably don't realise the amount of spiritual or Church jargon that has crept into our language. When we ask children to "open their hearts to Jesus" or tell them that "Jesus paid the price... More

YouTube is a very different space for these guys. I would go on and consume – maybe look at funny videos or watch things that are entertaining – whereas for these guys it’s a space to collaborate, a space... More

I recently had the huge privilege of contributing to a new book called Hope Rising 365. It was written to and for young women as a daily reminder that they are loved and there is a deeper hope. The book,... More