But there have been times in my life where I’ve been forced to have to stay away from other people – catching a nasty cold and being bedridden, being snowed in during a winter storm (no – not in the UK,... More

Having been a young carer as a teenager, I can relate in some ways to how these young people feel, but I can’t imagine what they are going through at this scary time. They are stuck at home and so am I... More

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For FamiliesWe want to encourage you to grasp what is an opportunity coming out of a horrible situation. Take this time to slow down, to seek God together as a family, to explore faith together. It won’t... More

It’s perhaps a cliché to say that the world is radically changing due to the coronavirus. But it is no less true for it. And while in the medium and longer term we cannot predict how this will change our... More

When crisis hits, we want to help our children and teens navigate it well spiritually. But if it's something we've never experienced before, and we've got lots of questions ourselves, it can feel difficult... More