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Links from this month's issue More

This story is based on Luke 12:13-21. More

Artist: Sigala and Paloma FaithSuitable for: 10–13s More

Clip: 00:43:56 – 00:47:14Rating: 12A More

How often have you heard someone described as a wolf in sheep’s clothing? The phrase actually originates from Jesus himself in Matthew 7:15 and refers to someone who appears harmless, but their true identity... More

Here is a selection of games you can play (or adapt) for a youth group evening. There is a mix of active and settled games to suit your group and situation. More

Background: David and his whole family are taken by surprise when he is chosen by God, through Samuel, to be Israel’s king. These crafts will help children explore some of the key themes of the story in... More

Meeting aim: To reflect on the holiness of God. More