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We all know that the most important aspect of youth work is getting the name right – but it’s also the trickiest part. Fortunately, our own Jamie Cutteridge is something of an expert in this field, and... More

What place does humour have in our work with young people? Becca Dean explores the links between spirituality and laughter, and draws on her own research in this area to present practical tips on how to... More


This is an activity designed for Year 8 students (aged 12/13) and older, aiming to explain what real confidence is like and to encourage studentsto explore what gives them confidence. It can be used in... More


Have you ever pondered on the nature of things that are greater than the sum of their parts - when things on their own are good, but when you put them altogether they become great? Have you ever wished... More


Living generously takes our everyday walking, buying, eating and chatting and turns it on its head. It takes our connection with injustice and gives us the resources to do something about it. Living generously... More


I don’t know about you but I watch some rubbish on TV. I get addicted to the latest series of Masterchef, watch average quiz shows that I’m barely enjoying and I don’t even want to think about how many... More


To show how God wants us to protect the vulnerable and be part of their redemption story. More


To look at how life with God may be harder but is certainly better! More


To explore suffering, hope and the place of grief in our lives. More


To explore spiritual gifts and their place in leadership. More