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Meeting aim: To begin to understand how faithful people stay true to God.Bible passage: Daniel 1Background: This story follows a disaster for the Jews in the sixth Century BC; they were conquered by the... More

Meeting aim: To discover that God wants us to listen to him.Bible passage: Jeremiah 36Background: It’s the sixth Century BC and the Jewish people in Judah are heading for total disaster. They are surrounded... More

Meeting aim: To understand that God is the only true God, and more powerful than anything.Bible passage: 1 Kings 18Background: Of all the early kings of Israel, Ahab was one of the worst. The Bible records... More

Meeting aim: To see how God begins to gather his people back together after the 70 years of exile.Bible passage: Nehemiah 1–2Background: After the 70 years in exile prophesied by Jeremiah, there is a new... More

Meeting aim: To see how some of God’s people were faithful to him in exile.Bible passage: Daniel 1Background: The messages God has been sending to his people through the prophets have come true. Jerusalem... More

Meeting aim: To see how God sends warning to his people to give them the chance to turn back to him – but they don’t always do so.Bible passage: Jeremiah 36 Background: The northern kingdom of Israel has... More


Links from July 2017's issue. More

Look around you. How many ‘made’ things can you see? The smart phone in your hand, the cake you just ate, the bus you just got took to school... the list goes on. If something has been made, then it needs... More

Every month we pit two topics against each other and ask Google which one is most popular with online searches. Which are your young people talking more about? More

I was about 10. We were on holiday and my brother and I were playing on the campsite playground. Throughout our childhood we were like cat and dog, always bickering and fighting. Being four years older... More