This time of year is full of magic and mystery. Alongside guiding stars, angels and divine dreams, the virgin birth tops the list of hard-to-believe Christmas stuff. More

Recently, we’ve seen hurricanes annihilate towns, earthquakes devastate communities and floods kill thousands across the world. Even for hardcore believers, these heartbreaking circumstances raise questions... More

Even the most ancient stories contain accounts of ghosts, and interest in the supernatural doesn’t seem to be waning. A 2016 YouGov survey reported that more Brits believe in ghosts than a creator God.... More

Some people don’t believe in God. Others think that that if God is real, he’s not nice. One reason for this is the idea of hell. How can someone nice send people to hell?  More

Look around you. How many ‘made’ things can you see? The smart phone in your hand, the cake you just ate, the bus you just got took to school... the list goes on. If something has been made, then it needs... More

Can you prove that God exists? Well, that depends what you mean by ‘prove’. True proof only exists in maths. I can prove 2 + 2 = 4, but even scientists need a certain amount of ‘faith’. In order to ‘do’... More

The Bible is full of passages which show us how much God cares about animals. In the story of Noah, the animals’ safety is a huge priority for God. They are also included in the promise and special relationship... More

Some Christians think that the Earth isn’t old enough to support the existence of dinosaurs. Using various Biblical family trees, they trace the start of the world to around 6,000 - 12,000 years ago. Dinosaur... More

Why do we need forgiveness? Christians talk about ‘sin’, which is a bit of a confusing, old-fashioned word. It makes more sense if we look at its original meaning: the Greek word for ‘sin’ came from an... More

There are many questions that stop young people wanting to know more about God. Welcome to The Big Question, which will tackle one of these huge issues each month. More