More ways to pray with loom bands

We've all caught the loom band bug, so here are some more ideas to help you pray with these colourful bands, thanks to Jane Butcher and Anne Offler from Faith in Homes.

  1. Buy some loom bands - from basic colours to glittery, scented, glow-in-the-dark varieties, available in single colours or multi-packs from a wide selection of shops and on the Internet.
  2. Choose a prayer focus from the list below.
  3. Choose the colours for your prayer focus - each colour of band can represent something different for your prayer focus no matter which style you create.
  4. Choose the style of loom band you want to create - from a simple single-linked band that only requires two band colours and two fingers and is quick to do, to the more creative fishtail, diamond and railroad styles (see the Internet for instructions and other ideas, or ask your children).

Praying for a country

Choose a country to pray for and find out the colours of its flag. Make a loom band using those colours in whatever style you want, single-linked , fishtail etc, and add a link to make it into a bracelet. Use your bracelet to pray for that country. You might even like to take time to do some research on your chosen country.

Here are some loom bands done in the fishtail style in the colours of Sweden, Ghana and Jamaica.

These ones below, done in single-chain style, represent South Africa, England and the Bahamas. 


Loom band of peace

Make a bracelet with white loom bands in whatever style you want and pray for peace.





Hope loom band

Make a bracelet with multi-coloured loom bands and with each band, as you pray, think of hope in our lives: for the future, for our family, for our friends, for our school, for our work, for our home, for our church and so on.




Life of Jesus loom band

Make a loom band to remember the life of Jesus and use this to pray about those times. This looks best in blocks of colour:

• Blue: birth and baptism of Jesus

• Green: Jesus’ ministry, telling stories, healing people, miracles, challenging people

• Black: the crucifixion of Jesus, when all seemed lost

• Yellow: Jesus’ resurrection

• Red: the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and spreading the good news around the world


Loom prayer partners

Make two identical loom bands using any colours or style. Then, give one of the loom bands to someone else and ask them to join you in prayer on a chosen topic.


Jane Butcher is responsible for developing the Faith in Homes ministry, is a member of the Barnabas Children's Ministry team and is a parent. This resource was originally published on the Faith in Homes website.

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