This is a story with some great imagery (Matthew 14:22–33)! These crafts will help to draw out themes of keeping afloat, stepping out, focusing on Jesus and miraculous help. More

The story of Jacob’s ladder (Genesis 28:10–22) is full of amazing imagery and these craft ideas will help to stimulate imagination and draw out key themes of encountering God, holy ground and what heaven... More

These craft ideas are designed to help children connect with and reflect on different parts of the Easter story as it travels though Holy Week. Enjoy the journey! More

For anyone who wants to explore the elements and story of Holy Communion through open-ended crafts, here are some ideas. These crafts probably work best after telling and discussing the story of the Last... More

This month's crafts. More

Psalm 23 is perhaps the most famous of the Psalms and has a variety of thought-provoking themes to explore. Here are four useful crafts without a sheep in sight! More

Tea-bag painting, Treasure picture, Play-dough modelling and Nature paintings More