It’s Christmas, and century-old carols are suddenly omnipresent. You can barely move for renditions of ‘Hark! The herald angels sing’, ‘In the bleak midwinter’, and that other one with the weird chorus... More

‘Everybody wants to be famous, nobody wants to be nameless,’ goes the Dizzee Rascal lyric. It seems this sums up the attitude of so much our culture.  More

In recent months cinemas have been full of nervous laughter mixed with floods of tears. Movie-goers have wept buckets while watching the doomed (no spoilers) romance between Hazel and Augustus in The Fault in... More


Can you make an omelette? How about a stirfry? Ever tried to bleed a radiator? What about paying a gas bill? Like it or not, the future is coming. Life moves on far quicker than we expect, and we’ve got... More

The tension was palpable. At any minute, our collective fate, our future, would be revealed. Social media was abuzz with speculation, those in the room held their collective breath as viewers worldwide stared... More

Let’s face it: it’s pretty difficult to sum up the impact and legacy of Nelson Mandela, let alone ground that in the reality of a young person’s existence! But let’s give it a go – here are a few idea... More

The summer has been full of celebrations and commiserations, people winning (the Olympics! Andy Murray! Chris Froome!) and failing (ah, the English football team), people working together and falling apart.... More

Horray for holidays! What a great opportunity to relax, re-evaluate, have a lot of fun and prepare for next term.  More

On June 23rd adults in Britain will vote to either stay in or leave the European Union. For the first time since 1975, voters will have a say on the UK’s membership of Europe’s political club which includes... More

This session needs to be dealt with sensitively. You may want to encourage your young people to privately write their answers rather than engaging in group discussions. More