Meeting aim: To hear how Jesus met two of his friends on the road out of Jerusalem. They were among the first to see him alive and rushed to tell the others. More

Meeting aim: To reflect on how the women first heard Jesus had come back to life and then shared the good news with his disciples More

Meeting aim: To listen to the story of Jesus’ arrest, trial, death and burial. More

Meeting aim: To explore the story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem and how the crowds responded to him, an incident that enabled children to thank and praise Jesus for themselves. More

Meeting aim: To explore the idea that we are made in God’s image, and created to be in relationship with him and each other More

Meeting aim: To discover that God rested after finishing his creation, and that it is also good for us to rest. More

Meeting aim: To explore the second half of the creation story, and to reflect on what it means to be made by God More

Meeting aim: To explore the start of the story of creation, and to think about how creative God is. More

Meeting aim: To think about how we should love eachother. More

Meeting aim: To begin to consider that our friendship with God is all about love. More