Meeting aim: To discover what Jesus came to Earth to do!Bible passage: Luke 4:14-30 More

Meeting aim: To be excited about the story of Jesus’ birth.Bible passage: Matthew 1-2; Luke 1-2 More

Meeting aim: To discover that God was going to send a special saviour.Bible passage: Isaiah 7:10-14; 9:2-7; Micah 2:2-5 More

Meeting aim: To begin to understand how special Jesus is.Bible passage: Luke 3:1-4:13  More

Meeting aim: To see how God begins to gather his people back together after the 70 years of exile.Bible passage: Nehemiah 1–2Background: After the 70 years in exile prophesied by Jeremiah, there is a new... More

Meeting aim: To see how some of God’s people were faithful to him in exile.Bible passage: Daniel 1Background: The messages God has been sending to his people through the prophets have come true. Jerusalem... More

Meeting aim: To see how God sends warning to his people to give them the chance to turn back to him – but they don’t always do so.Bible passage: Jeremiah 36Background: The northern kingdom of Israel has... More

Meeting aim: To see how far God’s people had moved from him and to see how the consequences of that began to play out.Bible passage: 1 Kings 17:7-24Background: At the end of the reign of King Solomon,... More

Meeting aim: To hear how David made Jerusalem his capital city and discovered that – God is not just in one place at any one time - God is everywhere.Bible passage: 2 Samuel 5, 6, 7  More

Meeting aim: To encounter the story of David and Goliath and to reflect on David’s courageous actions – God is with us when we are afraid.Bible passage: 1 Samuel 17  More