Meeting aim: To understand that God helps his people when they face difficulties.Bible passage: 1 Samuel 8:1–10:8  More

Meeting aim: To explore what King Solomon thought he needed most to be a good king and how God gave him far more. God is a wise and generous God.Bible passage: 1 Kings 3Background: Several of David’s many... More

Meeting aim: To consider why God gave rules to his people and how they still help us today.Bible passage: Exodus 19-20 (Exodus 14)Background: The Israelites must have a reputation for being the grumpiest,... More

Meeting aim: To discover how God set his people freeBible passage: Exodus 11–12 (Exodus 5–10)Background: The story of the Passover is rich with symbolism and promise which we read with the benefit of thousands... More

Meeting aim: To discover that God chooses us for a mission, just as he chose Moses.Bible passage: Exodus 3:1–4:23Background: The story of Moses is the most epic tale in the Bible, rich with stories of... More

Meeting aim: To understand that God has a plan.Bible passage: Genesis 37-47 (selections)Background: Joseph’s story is long, and younger children might struggle to understand quite how long it took for... More

Meeting aim: To discover that God makes and keeps promises with his people.Bible passage: Genesis 12:1-7; 15:1-6Background: The story of Abraham can seem far from the experience of younger children. However,... More

Meeting aim: To encounter a loving and just God.Bible passage: Genesis 6:5-9:17Background: We sometimes approach the story of Noah from the point of view of a children’s Bible. We think about the pairs... More

Meeting aim: To begin to understand that God made us and loves us.Bible passage: Genesis 1:1-2:4Background: The story of creation is a popular one with younger children. There are lots of opportunities... More