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5 rules for naming your youth group

We all know that the most important aspect of youth work is getting the name right – but it’s also the trickiest part. Fortunately, our own Jamie Cutteridge is something of an expert in this field, and after years of research has produced a five part plan to create the perfect youth group name (and logo).

1. Use numbers instead of letters

Young people today, with their smart phones and lack of respect for adults – they’ve got no time for full words! Fortunately, we can use numbers to fit words into their tiny attention spans. The number ‘8’ is very useful here. (Other variations on this rule include using ‘X’ instead of ‘ex’. That one letter makes all the difference.)



2. Make what your group does and believes expressly clear

Who’s got time to read a description of a group nowadays? Do you read the ingredients of your soup or the terms and conditions that come with your iPod? GO HOME GRANDAD! What you need is a logo that makes the point and purpose of your group expressly clear.

Teens for Truth

This one would be even better if it was Radi-8: 

God Squad

3. Put a cross in it

This is the simplest, but possibly the most important rule: if there’s no cross in the logo, there might be no cross in the young people’s lives (alternatively, there might be). Bonus marks in this one if the cross takes the place of a ‘T’ in the word.

Logos with crosses

4. Link the name of your group to fire

Is there anything that says ‘we are a generation of young people who are going to change the world’ more than fire? No. No, there isn’t. 

Fire Youth Group

5. Use as many of these rules as possible

Sometimes, a cross, fire or a number isn’t enough – sometimes you need to go to name-town.

A cross and an ‘X’:


Fire and an explanation of what the group believes:


Fire and a cross:


Secret rule 6: Use this picture on all your publicity

Youth Group Picture

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