Hark! Christmas approaches: the wonderfully quiet and easy-going period of the calendar, with plenty of space and time to organise elaborate and complicated events. Possibly. Either way, there’s very little... More

As wise and astute readers will no doubt be aware, the digital world is increasingly ‘where it’s at’. The era of the printed press is under attack; more and more books are published as ebooks, anything... More

The role of games in youth work can be a matter of debate. What’s the point of them? What do they achieve? Some games can have learning sneakily inserted into them, teaching important skills and principles,... More


Working together is obviously the kind of thing we want to encourage as good, holistic, community-building, life-affirming, kingdom-growing, adjective-embracing youth workers. Admittedly most games have... More

To give you a peek behind the curtain, one member of Team Youthwork is heading out to the actual World Cup to watch the action, while the other two will be resolutely ignoring its very existence.  More

In recent years, the job description and workplace of youth workers has changed. Our work now includes such activities as ‘fundraising ’ and ‘begging ’, while the location has been amended to include ‘down... More


There comes a time when even the most skilled manipulator of group dynamics has to accept that the group could do with a little boost. A set of creative games can be a great way to work through some of... More

Chat through what the grid (right) means, and then ask your mentee to plot themselves on the grid using this -10 to 10 scale:  More


The Church may have just about discovered the internet, and hey – some of us even have Myspace pages – but historically speaking we’re still a wee bit behind the times. We asked our resident internet expert,... More